30 years expertise

Suprem SA relies on 30 years of experience in high-performance thermoplastic composites of which Hans-Jürg Gysin, CEO and shareholder, belongs to the pioneers in this field.

1987 Sulzer Innotec AG
Thermoplastic composites R&D led by Hans-Jürg Gysin
Sulzer Prepreg Materials” SUPreM™

1995 Gysin Composites SA
Founded by Hans-Jürg and Angela Gysin
Since 2002 Greene, Tweed & Co. (Switzerland)

2000 Gurit Suprem
„Sulzer Prepreg Materials“ SUPreM™ acquired by Gurit

2007 Suprem SA
Gurit Suprem acquired by Dr. Karl Stadler, Hans-Jürg and Angela Gysin

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